F.A.Q. – Millionaire Vision



Can I get a refund or make an exchange?

No refund, exchange only.

Is there a way to contact you directly?

You can email info@millionairevisionclothing.com or call (844) 682-0806 with any questions regarding your order.

I do not live in the U.S.A. Can I order online?


Do my billing and shipping address have to match?

We require that your billing and shipping address match to prevent identity and credit card fraud.

My order was placed successfully, but why I didn’t I receive an email confirmation?

During high traffic, there may be a delay in delivery of confirmation emails. If you have not received an email please refer to your junk folder. If you think you entered an incorrect email, please contact us including your order number and full name and we will resend your confirmation.

When are particular items released?

Generally, we do not have a set release date. Please subscribe to receive email alerts.

Do you restock your inventory?